The 104th China Food & Drink Fair

The 104th China Food & Drink Fair (6)

7th -9th Aprial,2021, we attend the 104th China food and Drink Fair at Chengdu city. Met many cooperated companies and have a good effective during the fair.this fair is 3day,Our company colleagues arrived at the exhibition on the afternoon of April 6th, arranged the exhibition and displayed the exhibit.

Wines and imported foods from France, Spain, and Italy; six famous teas from the tea producing areas across the country, as well as tea drinks and tea art performances; hot pot hotpot products with a strong spicy flavor in the air...

The 104th China Food & Drink Fair (2)
The 104th China Food & Drink Fair (3)

On the morning of April 7, The industry's first comprehensive exhibition in the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan"-the 104th National Sugar and Wine Fair officially opened. The exhibition area of 215,000 square meters not only set the scale of the exhibition to the largest ever, but also brought together 42 countries and organizations. The special exhibits brought by 4106 exhibitors from the region were dizzying.

The 104th China Food & Drink Fair (4)

In the 16 exhibition halls and some outdoor venues of Xibo City, the rum fair will set up six exhibition areas for traditional alcohol, wine and international spirits, food and beverages, condiments and ingredients, food machinery, food packaging, and international beer, There are 11 special zones including wine utensils, international machinery, beverages and dairy products, imported food, snack food, e-commerce catering chain franchise, food ingredients and additives, tea and hot pot.

In addition to well-known domestic companies such as Moutai, Wuliangye, Luzhou Laojiao, Coca-Cola, China Tea, Bright Dairy, Mengniu Dairy, Angel Yeast, and other well-known domestic companies, there are also manufacturers from France, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Germany and other countries and regions in wine and international The spirits exhibition area and the imported food area are exhibited in the form of national and regional groups.

The exhibition ended successfully on the afternoon of the 9th

Post time: May-24-2021