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3 Side Seal Bag

Unified Flex offers custom printed 3 Side Seal Bags. The 3 Side Seal Bag is similar in shape to a 4-Side Seal Bag . The main difference is that the front and back panels of the bag are sealed on 3 sides and folded on 1 side. Generally, the bottom side of the bag is folded which allows the bag to flex allowing for products to settle at the bottom properly. This is a popular style of bag for ground coffee, spices, liquids and similar products. This bag format is also a good option when package uniformity is a important. For example, in some cases multiple 3 Side Seal Bags are further packed in a folding carton or a box. The box is then displayed on shelf for retail. Allowing consumers buy multiple packs in a carton. This style of bag allows for branding at the front and back panels.

premake bag, peanut bag, chips bag, soap bag, mask bag, seafood bag.

Benefit of 3 Side Seal bags:

  • Economical flexible packaging option
  • More bag volume than 4 side seal bag
  • Good package uniformity for cartoning
  • Easy of access to products with tear notch
  • Can be used for high speed packaging applications
  • Economical storage and transportation
  • Up to 10 color rotogravure printing
  • Glossy , matte or UV finishing
  • Metalized and non-metalized material structures can be used

Suitable Markets:

  • Ground products
  • Medical
  • Nutritional Products
  • Household Chemicals
  • Meal Kits
  • Coffee
  • Snack Foods
  • Frozen Foods
  • Pet Food
  • Produce

Optional Features for Pre-made 3 Side Seal bags :

  • Tear notch
  • Press to close zippers
  • Rounded corners
  • Product display window
  • Hanger hole