Pet Food Pouch



product information

Name Spouted bags for cat food / pet food
Maximum capacity 30g– 2kg
Applications Dog foods, cat foods, any pet foods
Type of pouch Spouted pet food bag / zipper pet food bag
Certificates ISO 9001; ISO 14001, BRC-PACKAGING.
Structure and material PET/PE; PET/NY/PE; PET/AL/NY/PE; PET/MPET/PE
Accessories Spouted pouch
Printing Maximum 10 colors.
Printing process Gravure printing
Production capacity 50,000 pcs per day
Default port of shipping Qingdao,China

1.spouted bags is a mature packaging scheme in cat or dog food packaging, which is attractive both in price and in quality. Most of the cat food packaging on the market uses quad seal bags, and,Accurate printing can provide a good visual appearance for your products.

2.The retort pouch can be cooked at 130°C for 30 minutes, which fully meets UHT sterilization conditions, ensuring the safety and hygiene of the gravy pet food inside the bag.

The high barrier property of the retort pouch can ensure a hygienic storage condition for the gravy pet food after sterilization, the content inside the pouch can remian good quality and is not easily affected by the external environment.

The capacity of the 8-side seal flat pouch is very small, it is suitable for making various gravy pet food insmall packages.very fasion.


Our pet food pouches, using sustainable and eco-friendly packaging materials, has become a key product for many brand recently.
The characteristics of retort pouches are very suitable for making wet pet foods pouches, because often this kind of wet cat food needs to be sterilized by cooking.
With good standing up features our retort pouches can be displayed well on the shelf.
Normally the capacity of our stand up retort pouches is not big, yet they are easy to be displayed in places without hooks or any other aids.