In recent years, pre-cooked meals and side dishes designed for rapid heating and eating have increased on the market. Packaging bags of these products usually requires good barrier properties, low temperature resistance and high temperature resistance. Customers can choose multi-layer composite packaging bags, or high temperature resistance trays with cover films, which are convenient for people to quickly heat and eat.
We can provide different material structures according to customer requirements, which are suitable for microwave ovens, steam ovens, ovens, boiling and other heating forms to meet the requirements of safety, convenience, speed and cost saving.
Regular packaging bag material for heated instant products:
Microwave Bag:PET/Nylon/RCPP (Dedicated exhaust port for microwave)
Boiled Bag:PET/Nylon/RPE (-18°C to 120°C)
Steaming Bag:PET/Nylon/RCPP (-18°C to 135°C)
Oven Bag:Dedicated PET or Nylon Film (up to 180°C)
Oven Tray:CPET Tray + Lid film (up to 180°C)