Standing Up Bag

Juice lovely bag.
Customize volume bag, colorful bag, beverage bag, special shape bag. Bangbang bag.
China Manufacture Juice Drink self stand Pouch Packaging Pouch




product information

Waterproof material, environment friendly
Suitable for fruit juice,milk,beverage,yogurt,jelly,janpan tofu,water,soya-bean milk,
sugar.etc…Customized structures, sizes, styles, and printed designs are welcome
Printing artwork: Clients provide or designed by us
Printing: rotogravure to 10 colors, attractive designs
Price: according to different materials, sizes, printings, and quantity of the bag ,
high quality and competitive price. Print 125ml orange shape juice bag
Supply period: all the year round


1.why is your product MOQ so high ?
Because our material will be wasted some in the progress of print , compound and heat sealing,the wasted respectively length about the bag.We need prepare more materials than the quantity you need. The fee about machine works and worker salary also need.

2.What do I need to offer for you in order to get the quotation ?
We need to know the plastic packaging bag shape and volume.

3,Why do I need to pay for the cylinder fee?
The plastic packaging bag is Gravure printing,which need design cylinder ,If your order above 40000USD, we will return you the cylinder fee.

4.What is the delivery time?
About 12—-15 days.

5.What material does my bag require?
We need to know what your bag will load and your specific requirement.For example,the material of juice plastic packaging bag is PET/PE.

6.Afer service
We will reproduce the bag if the quality appears problem.

7.Why is your price higher than others?
Our material is raw material .
We are proudce the bags over twenty years ,Our quality management system is scientific and reasonable.
The ink technology of print is top quality.
Our price is not so high compare to similar bag.

8.How much is the sample ?
The bags for free but you should charge the wxpress is USD100.We will return the sample fee after comfirming the big order.

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