19th Feb,2021, the company held the opening ceremony after CNY holiday. All the workers made a pic at factory, then go to the restaurant to celebrate. At the same time, awarded the outstanding workers during 2020 year. The most important step is that the boss have a speech,”today is a celebration not just of meeting but exceeding our new goals in 2021,these achievement wouldn’t be possible without our extraordinary team at yingzhicai team, thank you also to the factory’s technicians  for their contribution to the new arts and crafts. I would like to thank the production planner and manger whom orignized the factory’s production in orderly and timely. Additionally, I would also like to extend a special thank you to sales department, all the salesman did a wonderfully job in 2020, they connected with clients and replied client’s question no matter work daytime or rest night time. they have been the most passionated advocate for their jobs…..” after hearing this speech, all the workers have a very high enthusiasm for the company. At the same time, we also connected with our old friend clients, they send the congratulations to us, hope we will grow bigger and bigger, one of our American client have time in his local time sing a song, and hope he can visit out factory in 2021, he is a fan for Chinese ancient culture, a very good atmosphere situation with our old friend clients, all show their appreciation to our factory which provide always the best quality pouch for them, best support for each other. Almost every worker have a beer with boss and their managers, this is a really good atmosphere to enhance the relationship between workers and managers. A very significant day !

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