In the spring of 2020, the company organized a spring outing for employees. The purpose of this spring outing is to increase the happiness of employees and increase the enthusiasm of employees. Our company’s goal is Unity, truth-seeking, innovation.

The destination of this spring outing is Qingdao No. 1 Bathing Beach. Qingdao No. 1 Bathing Beach, also known as Huiquan Beach, is located in Huiquan Bay, Qingdao City. It can accommodate tens of thousands of people to swim at the same time. From July to September every year, the inland heat is hard, but Qingdao is cool and pleasant. Many people come here from all directions, bringing children and daughters, or in groups of three or five, or in pairs. For a time, the wide beach was crowded with people and people came and went. People enjoyed the selfless gifts of nature such as the sun, air, beach and sea breeze, savoring the endless charm of the seaside in summer. After the midsummer, the tourists gradually dwindled. In winter, the first bath has never been lonely. There are still tourists on the beach, and winter swimming enthusiasts are often seen swimming in the sea in the cold wind,so we choose this beach as destination.The temperature in spring is suitable.The members of this spring outing are all employees of the company. At the same time, employees’ family members are invited together. enhancing family happiness and harmony,Many children are play together,finally The spring outing event was a complete success.

The company organizes employees to play every year, hoping to increase the happiness of employees at work.Before traveling, company leaders will plan the travel route in detail, strive to go to different places each time, increase the knowledge of employees, and plan ahead for problems that may arise on the road to avoid problems during travel.